Provoking excellence in performing arts & cultivating talent in our multi-cultural and diverse world!



International Performing Arts & Theatre was founded in 2010 and is made up of some of the world's leading creatives, experts and academics. 

Through coming together and sharing expertise, knowledge and skills - the board of directors together with the artistic groups have created some of the most relevant programmes of studies and qualifications in the world! I-PATH have schools in the UK, Africa, Asia, Australia and North America and the organisation continues to grow and develop on a daily basis. Take a look below at the calibre of professionals we have leading our organisation forward.



I-PATH are excited to be welcoming a number of outstanding talents and experienced professionals to join us as patrons. Our patrons endorse the work and qualifications that I-PATH offers to the global performing arts community. Our patrons are invited to give masterclasses as well as attend I-PATH events as VIP's. We will be announcing patrons throughout 2020 in celebration of our 10th Year Anniversary and launch of our examining arm. 

Ross Campbell

Professor of Singing at the Royal Academy of Music, London



Our Board of Directors is made up of carefully selected professionals with a broad set of skills that are required to lead an international organisation. The expertise of our board covers the performing arts, education, qualification development, business leadership and marketing and publicity.

Abigail Green

Adam Lee

Adam Tate

David Stinson

Laura Bouckley

Quinton Winston

Rebecca Skinner

Rick Tjia

Ryan Warren

Sinead Darnell

Vanessa Stafford



I-PATH is accredited by an independent organisation called Global Education Training & Qualifications (GETQ). This organisation currently accredits all I-PATH Graded Examinations and is also working to gain OFQUAL recognition for I-PATH which we aim to receive by 2021. GETQ is made up of the following directors who assist I-PATH in its development:

Adam Tate

Professor Andrew St George

Professor John Grattan

Kate Parkinson

Rae Snape



Karen Gandhorkia





Classical Ballet

Commercial Dance

Contemporary Dance

Hip Hop

Jazz Dance

Lyrical Dance

Musical Theatre

Public Speaking


Tap Dance

Artistic Director(s)

David Stinson

Vanessa Stafford

Sinead Darnell

Laura Bouckley

Quinton Winston & Ryan Warren

Adam Lee

David Stinson

David Stinson

Adam Tate

Abigail Green

Rebecca Skinner

Advisory Members

Positions Available

David Stinson, Rick Tjia

Positions Available 

Yurika Yamagata

Positions Available
David Stinson

Sophie Gee

Tesh Allitt, Adam Lee
Positions Available

David Stinson

Positions Available 



Sylvia Lane



Acting, Musical Theatre & Singing: Abigail Green, Adam Kerr, Adam Lee, Anthony Whiteman, David Stinson, Melita Lennox, Rich Tjia, Teresa Hall, Tesh Allitt, Vanessa Stafford

Commercial Dance & Hip Hop: Quinton Winston, Rick Tjia, Ryan Warren, Sinead Darnell

Public Speaking and FE Diploma's: Adam Tate

Stage Dance: Adam Kerr, Adam Lee, Anthony Whiteman, David Stinson, Joe Miller, Melita Lennox, Rebecca Skinner, Rick Tjia, Teresa Hall, Tesh Allitt, Vanessa Stafford



Australia: Adam Lee

Canada: Rick Tjia

China: David Stinson

Holland: Kaylee Good

Japan: Yurika Yamagata

Lithuania: Ieva Kaminskaite

New Zealand: Adam Lee

South East Asia: Thanh Bui

Middle East: David Stinson

United Kingdom: David Stinson

United States of America: Rick Tjia



Accredited by Global Education Training & Qualifications 
Member of International Dance Council CID - UNESCO
Member of National Dance Education Organisation (USA)
Member of One Dance UK
Partnered with I-PATH Foundation