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Adam Tate MSc, BSc, PGCE, FRSA, MInstLM, MITOL

Director of Education
Responsible Officer at GETQ
Qualification Director of Public Speaking
Course Lead for Diploma in Performing Arts Pedagogy & Principles

Adam is a graduate of Aberystwyth University (BA Hons); University of Oxford (MSc); and Roehampton University (PGCE). He is currently reading for his PhD in Education at Oxford Brookes University where he is also an Associate Lecturer. 

Adam is an expert in education and qualification development. He taught at one of the UK's leading secondary schools in London. 

Adam commits a lot of his spare time to the Scouts and was the former Assistant Regional Commissioner (for Growth) for the London Region of The Scout Association. 

Finally, Adam is a Founding Director of Global Education Training & Qualifications Ltd; AJ Consulting (an education consulting business); and of Fahr Beyond (a leading charity in Fahr's Disease).