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The Personal Best Programme

We have evaluated modern and traditional pedagogies, and explored different theories for integrating the arts into curriculums that can enhance academic achievement and engagement; with that in mind we have developed the Personal Best Programme.

The Personal Best Programme has been created to be developmental and progressive through the key stages, providing an additional complimentary award; whilst providing a good framework for schools to follow to integrate the arts into their curriculum. Here, the programme supports children to learn new methods of doing and ways to express themselves in keeping with the values of responsible global citizenship. Through the universal language of the arts the Personal Best Programme seeks to develop: 1. Self-Worth and Self-Awareness, 2. Communication Skills, 3. Positive Psychology, 4.  Healthy Physiology, 5. Perseverance and Resilience. This is achieved through immersing students into a whole range of Performing Arts and Creative Arts subjects and integration of cross curricular links that can utilise creative pedagogies; specifically: Drama, Dance, Art, Debating, Role Play, Singing, Digital Creativity, Public Speaking, and several other avenues. For more information, please contact us via the contact page. 


Extended Education - Wrap around childcare with arts integration

We can support schools through providing extracurricular activity provision. This can take many forms such as through general activity after school clubs. Alternatively, our staff can establish clubs with particular performing arts focus such as Musical Theatre, or for an ongoing school production provision.

Please note that our extracurricular provision can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the school. We are able to provide staff to lead these sessions. For more information, please contact us via the contact page. 


Arts Integration into the Curriculum and Arts Mark

We have a financial strategy plan to help assist schools in paying for one of our Arts Integrators to work with your school for one day a week. In some cases, we can run a tailored programme with one of our arts integrators for free, especially when partnered with some of our other services. Arts Integration can be fulfilled through either consultation and observation by one of our consultants; or through the use of an Arts Integrator based in the school helping with the reorientation of the school’s curriculum to spark creativity, and supporting school productions.

We can also assist schools in gaining their Arts Mark Award by the Arts Council England. 

We offer a range of Continuing Professional Development packages for mainstream schools; all of our packages are designed with regard to:

-          Creativity

-          Positive Attitudes and Values

-          Healthy Minds and Bodies

-          Inclusivity

All of our Continuing Professional Development packages are tailored for the purchasing school, as each school will have unique demands upon time, money and focus. Examples of CPD we have delivered include: Teachers’ Yoga, Creativity in the Academic setting, Primary School Creativity in Displays, Engaging the Community, and Celebrating Success in Schools.