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Danny is an internationally-known professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer and the owner of O.I.P. Dance Centre, a staple drop-in studio in Toronto for over 10 years.

As a dancer, Danny has performed and toured worldwide with top artists such as Rihanna, Ricky Martin, Shakira, and Sean Paul. A few of his greatest performances include those with Danny Fernandes and Shawn Desman on their Hit & Run European Tour, the Much Music Video Awards, the motion picture Shall We Dance with Jennifer Lopez, and the Carnival Choreographers Ball. Danny was also the lead choreographer for the TV series “Popstars: The One.”

Outside his dance career, Danny has directed and produced many theater plays, live performances, music videos, and short films. He was also the TV host and producer of “Get Up and Dance” on the BPM TV network. Most recently, Danny was an assistant choreographer with the Cirque Du Soleil team for the PanAm Opening Ceremonies alongside Luther Brown. Today, he is focusing much of his attention on growing and enhancing Toronto dancers by utilizing all he has experienced throughout his career through training the ladies of the Badass Babes program.