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Diploma in Choreography

Choreography Online and International Performing Arts and Theatre Online Learning

In collaboration with Choreography Online, I-PATH are excited to offer dancers, teachers and choreographers the opportunity to further develop their choreography skills through taking this virtual online Diploma in Choreography course, led by internationally renowned choreographer, Rick Tjia.


The classes are once a month, approximately on the first Monday or Tuesday of each month, depending on the cohort. In between classes you will have assignments to finish in the three weeks following each class. 

The assignments will always involve creating choreography, watching videos of established choreographers, and writing something about what you see.

Apart from the once a month class on video conference, YOU CONTROL YOUR SCHEDULE as you see fit for the assignments.


Course Content


Unit 1

1. Introduction to Choreography

2. Abstraction and Purpose

3. Creative Process & Method


Unit 2

1. Choreographic Ideas

2. Structure & Timeline

3. Free Exploration


Unit 3

1. Choreographic Tools

2. Music Analysis 

3. Team Management

4. Career Management



Throughout the course, you will be assessed in a variety of different ways including but not limited to written assignments, choreographing your own original pieces, and through participating in webinars. 


Units & Progressions

There are three units available - Unit 1, 2 and 3. All candidates must commence at Unit 1. Upon completion of this unit, you will be invited to commence Unit 2 and then to Unit 3. All three units must be completed to gain the Diploma in Choreography certificate and qualification. 


Duration of Course

Unit 1: Part Time, Online, 7 months (approx), 75 Guided Learning Hours (minimum) includes webinars and own practice/learning/choreographing. 

Unit 2: Part Time, Online, 7 months (approx), 75 Guided Learning Hours (minimum) includes webinars and own practice/learning/choreographing. 
Unit 3: Part Time, Online, 7 months (approx), 75 Guided Learning Hours (minimum) includes webinars and own practice/learning/choreographing. 

Fees & Payment Options

Fees can be paid in the following way (note that exchange rates vary constantly, so equivalencies are approximate):

One Unit + Final Assessment Fee + Certificate

All Units + Final Assessment + Certificate 

Monthly Instalments 

£300(GBP), $400(USD), $510(AUD), $510(CAD), €332(EUR)

£900(GBP), $1,200(USD), $1,530(AUD), $1,530(CAD), €996(EUR)

£45(GBP), $60(USD), $75(AUD), $75(CAD), €50(EUR) Monthly (Paid over 21 months)


Next Cohorts

Begins 6th September, 2022, 12 pm EDT (New York) / 5 pm BST (London)/ 9 am PST (Los Angeles)

This cohort would be ideal for candidates from the USA, Canada, Britain, Europe


Artistic Director of Choreography & Course Lead


Find out more about Rick Tjia:

Rick Tjia

Passionate about dance since his childhood, Rick has studied and worked professionally in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop and Tango.

As principal dancer with La La La Human Steps for eight years, Rick toured and performed in over 25 countries and 100 different cities. He has also worked in the movie industry in Los Angeles as both a dancer and actor. 

In 2004 he joined the Cirque du Soleil Casting Team as an Artistic Talent Scout for all styles of dance, where he ran auditions, evaluated demos, and cast numerous running shows and new creations over the course of 16 years. He is also a dance and acrobatic choreographer, having choreographed for Utah Ballet, Dance Alive! National Ballet, and various independent projects over the course of his career. He was also one of the original acrobatic choreographers on Cirque du Soleil's big top touring show 'Volta'. 

In addition to La La La Human Steps, Rick has performed with companies such as Ballet Austin, Sacramento Ballet, Boston Ballet, and Dance Alive! National Ballet, and explored dance through several independent projects of his own. He has worked with numerous choreographers, including Edouard Lock, Twyla Tharp, Tom Pazik and Gus Giordano to name just a few. 

Today, Rick is the CEO of Choreography Online, the world's first online choreography market, and both producer and director of the International Online Dance Competition (IODC). He has been a regular freelance writer for dance blogs and magazines since 2015, and keeps a continual close eye on the artistic scene both at home and abroad in the never ending search for talent, inspiration and opportunities to educate, inform and improve all facets of the dance industry. 


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If you are a dancer, dance teacher or a choreographer looking to develop your choreography skills, then you are eligible to take this course! Must be aged 18+