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Provoking excellence in performing arts & cultivating talent in our multi-cultural and diverse world!

Examining Board

I-PATH is an independent examining board accredited by Global Education Training & Qualifications, which is currently going through the process to become regulated by OFQUAL.

To become a teacher that leads our programmes of studies to your students, you must, together with your students, become a full member.


TEACHER MEMBERSHIP (Annual): £80 | €92 | $100  (US) | $135  (AUD)

TRAINEE TEACHER (Annual): £100 | €115 | $128  (US) | $170  (AUD)

STUDENT (Annual): £35 | €40 | $45  (US) | $60  (AUD)


Graded Examinations

I-PATH prides itself in providing outstanding programmes of studies that lead to recognised graded qualifications that are ever developing to remain relevant in to the industry. With the proliferation of media, we live in a more connected world that shows the changing and evolving performing arts world; and as a consequence the demand and expectation of qualification content. We currently offer:

Programme of Studies
Classical Ballet
  Preparatory to Diploma
Musical Theatre
  Preparatory to Diploma
  Preparatory to Diploma
  Preparatory to Diploma

Programmes of Studies under development

I-PATH is working closely with the Performing Arts Expert Panel at Global Education Training & Qualifications and our own experts to develop new programmes of studies. We are currently working on the following programmes of studies, which will be launching in 2018:

Programme of Study
Hip Hop Dance
 Preparatory to Diploma
Jazz Dance
 Preparatory to Diploma
Tap Dance
 Preparatory to Diploma
 Contemporary Dance
 Preparatory to Diploma

Progression & Development through the I-PATH Graded System