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I-PATH is delighted to offer the Level 4 Teaching Diploma in Performing Arts; one of the most robust and innovative Teaching Diplomas currently available in the Performing Arts world. This qualification has been developed and reviewed by academics from a range of institutions University of Oxford, Harvard University, University Centre Weston; as well as being verified by leading dance and theatre professionals from across the globe for suitability for performing arts teachers.

The Teaching Diploma in Performing Arts is our flagship qualification, here I-PATH is having a double impact supporting our mission of providing consistently outstanding performing arts teaching by ensuring students have outstanding teachers.

The Level 4 Teaching Diploma in Performing Arts is designed to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to access employment in I-PATH Associate Schools, and in other performing arts schools and colleges, or provide an additional edge in the competitive job market. This course provides the opportunity to learn how to become a 21st Century Teacher in the Performing Arts; by allowing candidates to explore, develop and test their creativity within a qualification structure, which is stimulating and provides a supportive transition to becoming an outstanding teacher. Here, candidates develop their competencies and are appraised with traditional and contemporary pedagogies and attitudes to allow them to inspire the next generation of students.

The course consists of seven sequential units to be studied and must be successfully completed by each candidate. Prior learning is considered through our prior learning policy.

This course is accredited by Global Education Training & Qualifications. 

Please Note: Teachers do not have to complete this course in order to become a 'Teacher Member' and to deliver our programmes. The course is designed to enhance 'teacher skills' and has nothing to do with delivering our other programmes. 


Course Leader 

Adam Tate MSc, BSc, PGCE, FRSA, MInstLM, MITOL

International Students

Our programme is available internationally. We have course convenors in the USA, Vietnam, China, Canada, Amsterdam, Japan and Australia. (As our organisation grows, so too will the opportunities for international candidates).  


Fees and Funding

Members: £605

Non Members: £1,210

Payment plans can be set up to suit students needs. Full and Part Scholarships are available to members.


Course Commencement Dates

 Intake Number
 Course Commencement 
Deadline To Apply
 INTAKE #03 
Wednesday, 30th September 2020
Monday, 28th September 2020